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Nesquik Banana Flavour Milkshake
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Nesquik Banana Flavour Milkshake Mix 300g *Best Before(31 May)*

HKD 26.00
pg tips
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Pg Tips 160S Pyramid Tea Bags 464G

HKD 106.00
Twinings Cranberry Green Tea
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Twinings Cranberry Green Tea, 20 Tea Bags

HKD 42.00
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
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Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250G

HKD 36.00
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Yorkshire 80 Teabags 250G

HKD 72.00

Shloer Rose 750ml

HKD 38.00
Robinsons Lemon No Added Sugar-0
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Robinsons Lemon No Added Sugar 1L

HKD 24.00
Quick Milk Sipper Chocolate
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Quick Milk Sipper Chocolate 13x6g 78g

HKD 22.00

Cadbury Cocoa tub 125g

HKD 28.00
Morrisons Aromatic Green Tea
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Morrisons Aromatic Green Tea 40s

HKD 19.00
Wagg Worker Chicken and veg
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Wagg Worker Chicken and veg 1kg

HKD 26.00
Morrisons Everyday Tea Bags 
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Morrisons Everyday Tea Bags 80s

HKD 26.00