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Heinz Classic Cream of Mushroom Soup
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Heinz Classic Cream of Mushroom Soup 400g

HKD 19.00
Morrisons Glycerine
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Morrisons Glycerine 38ml

HKD 14.00
Golden Vegetable micro Rice
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Morrisons Golden Vegetable micro Rice 250g

HKD 12.00
Morrisons Mexican Micro Rice
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Morrisons Mexican Micro Rice 250g

HKD 22.00
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Morrisons wholegrain rice with pearl barley and quinoa 220g

HKD 18.00

Parsley sauce mix 21g

HKD 6.00
Bread Sauce Mix
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Morrisons Simmer Bread Sauce Mix 40g *Best Before(23 Aug 2023)*

HKD 2.00
Naked Noodle Sweet Chilli
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Naked Noodle Sweet Chilli Pot Snack 78g

HKD 14.00

Morrisons Vermicelli 500g

HKD 16.00
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Morrisons Cream of Mushroom 400g

HKD 12.00
Morrisons Vegetable Soup-0
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Morrisons Vegetable Soup 400g

HKD 16.00

Naked Noodle Chow Mein 78g

HKD 14.00